Happy New Year 2018 Celebration in Dubai

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Happy New Year 2018 Celebration in Dubai– Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. This city has developed into an architectural wonder with beautiful buildings and many things to see. There are many different attractions which you can enjoy. There are beautiful parks, museums, zoos, aquariums, exhibitions, skyscrapers, shopping malls and even artificial islands. The natural beauty of this city is also astounding. The natural terrain is a beautiful combination of the beautiful sea, sandy beaches, etc. The climate is also very pleasant and enjoyable. Dubai is the perfect place for a vacation. The perfect time to visit this great city is during the New Year celebrations. There are few places where you will be able to celebrate with as much style as you will able to celebrate the Happy New Year 2018 Celebration in Dubai with. There are many places why this city is so well known for the New Year celebrations.

Happy New Year 2017 Celebration

Happy New Year 2018 Celebration:

The Spectacular Fireworks Display:

Dubai is famous for the fireworks display at midnight on 31st December. The fireworks celebrations for Happy New Year 2018 in Dubai are sure to be better than anything ever seen before. The fireworks display in Dubai has already been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest and most expensive fireworks display in the entire world. The entire sky is filled with beautiful and colourful firework displays of different shapes. As the different displays compete with each other you will be astounded by the beauty filling the sky. It is truly a dazzling experience.

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Enjoy Shows and Performances:

On 31st December different shows, performances and parties are held all over the city. These parties can boast of some of the best and most talented singers and dancers from all over the world. You can enjoy local and cultural famous performances as well. You can dance along and party before and after the countdown. You can welcome in the New Year in true celebratory fashion with these spectacular parties which are sure to continue till the next morning. From clubs to the main square to even ballrooms in the major hotels there are many different venues you can choose from for these gala celebrations.

Happy New Year 2017 Celebration

Go to a Beach Party

There are a number of beach parties which are held all along the sandy beaches. You can enjoy the great food, drinks, live music and performances. This is made even better thanks to the lovely sea breeze, the cool sand and the water where you can dip your feet if you want to. There are large fires in most of these parties and the ambience is sure to make the New Year celebrations memorable for you.

Happy New Year 2017 Celebration

Enjoy on a Lovely Cruise

Noisy and crowded parties may not appeal to you. In that case you can opt for a lovely cruise on the Dubai Marina Waters. These cruises will offer you a sumptuous dinner and drinks. You can enjoy the great ambience and then watch the beautiful fireworks display from on top of the cruise ship. Thus you can enjoy the fireworks and then beautiful reflections on the water as well.

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